In Loving Memory of our Mother

Draupadi was born to Hadibandhu Sahu and Guru Sahu in a remote village named Jugal in Mayurbhanj District on 1932 in a poor family when India was struggling for freedom from British Ruler. As a child, Draupadi was of a very emotional and sentimental kind. However she was very happy at that child age with her parent, near and dear and friends. At this small cute age everyone feel like to play and grow where this did not happen, with Draupadi ‘Man’s proposes God’s disposes. Her parents fix her marriage with one Kartik Chandra Sahu of Nalamganj, Balasore District at the age of Nine. At a very tender age of 9 years, she was bound to quit her peace and pleasure and tied with the hook of marriage bond to make her destiny with her own. Her devotion, deduction and determination accelerate towards commitment to perform the household works; Gradually she becomes expert to manage all duties, responsibilities and burdens of the family smoothly. In the mean time, she gives birth to one daughter and three sons. All child are too small to learn and bear the mothers burdens. Still she has never lost patience during those hardship days to care the children and husbands with rest  all members in the family. When everything was coming to normal sudden demise of Kartik Chandra Sahu put her in trauma. Her spiritual pursuit and believe in the God helped her to overcome the situation, manage and bring her family to grow to reach the new height, forgetting sorrows and agony. Time passed away children become older and started their business at station Bazar Plot.

                   Her ambitions and desire to move forward and see her children to reach new heights could prove and pave the way. It was the proud moments when her children make her dreams become true by constructing and naming the building in her name “Hotel Draupadi”. The glorious and overwhelming day when she cut the ribbon of the Hotel Draupadi and open for the public at Station Bazar, Balasore in her august presence on 11.12.2005. Since then the Hotel Draupadi is celebrating both the national event that is Independence day on 15th August and Re-Public day on 26th January every year where she use to give the respect to national flag  by  hosting in a higher order in Hotel premises. She distributes sweeps and gives clothes to the poor.

          She gives donations to welfare societies in regular basis, where the blinds and underprivileged persons are staying. Most of the occasions she herself visit the welfare places give their necessities and blessings to the inmates. She loves them and they too loves her. Her charitable, holy places and the upliftment of the society near to her domain is admire in the society.

          Today her physical presence not their but unbelievable humanity, acumen, strength and adventure spirit are her legacies. Her immense achievement in community work were only matched by how loving and committed. She was a rare gem of person but kind of mother for all. Her blessings brings closer together and inspired  others to pursue their biggest dreams. Everyone who ever knew her was touched by her light and love for life and for the people in her life. We will keep walking in her foot steps in the path. She has laid for us, with love, commitments and joy.

We are so fortunately and so proud to be her children.

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